About returns

1:Return time limit:

Return requests are usually made within 30 days after your purchase to ensure that you have sufficient time to inspect the goods.

2:Goods are in good condition:

Returned goods should be kept intact in their original packaging and accompanied by proof of purchase to ensure product quality and effective return.

3:We do not offer free returns:

We do not provide free return service to ensure that customers can return items conveniently and quickly if they are not satisfied. You will need to pay an additional fee.

4:Refund Method:

Refunds will be made through the original payment method, and the processing time may vary, please be patient.

5:Non-returnable items:

Some items, such as personalized items or special promotional items, may not be subject to the return policy, so please pay attention when shopping.

6:Return application process:

We provide online and customer service channels for return application, ensuring that you can conveniently submit your request and receive support.

7:Inspection process:

We will inspect the returned goods after receiving them to ensure that the goods comply with the return policy requirements to maintain product quality.

8:Customer support after return:

We provide customer support after return to ensure that you receive timely and effective help throughout the entire return process.

9:Return Policy Adjustments:

We reserve the right to adjust our return policy based on special circumstances. Please stay tuned for possible changes to stay informed of the latest policies.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

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